Expat Tennis Amsterdam

Expat Tennis Amsterdam

Are you a tennis playing expat currently residing in Amsterdam? And are you looking for a trusted network platform where you can: meet fellow tennis-expats, expand your network, and get informed about how tennis is organized in The Netherlands? If your are, then you are at the right place!

Slim Tennis Background

Our goal at Slim Tennis (‘Slim’ means ‘Smart’ in Dutch) is to make mental tennis-training easy and concrete. We do this through workshops, coaching sessions, courses, and reading material. Although we also provide workshops for tennis coaches, tennis lessons are not a core product at Slim Tennis. And as you have probably noticed, apart from this page, the whole website is in Dutch.

So, why Expat Tennis Amsterdam? We encountered many expats here in Amsterdam who either wanted to play tennis with someone every now and then, or who wanted to take tennis lessons under flexible terms. With almost no information in English available on tennis in Amsterdam it has been difficult for expats and non-Dutch speakers to locate, reserve and get directions to tennis courses and tennis clubs. We are doing something about this by setting up this Expat Tennis Amsterdam (ETA) community.

Expat Tennis Amsterdam Community Aim

With Expat Tennis Amsterdam, we have the following simple aims. We start small with number 1, and as the community grows we will together reach aims 2 – 5.

  • 1. Provide practical information regarding tennis in Amsterdam, as well as tennis lessons with flexible arrangements.
  • 2. Organize tennis events for tennis-expats to meet and play each other.
  • 3. Organize social events so we can all also get to know each other in surroundings other than tennis clubs.
  • 4. Go on tennis trips with members of the community, from organized Grand Slam visits to training trips.
  • 5. Engage in a tennis-related charity, and with that use tennis as a way to also give back.

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Contact us for an overview of tennis courts and clubs closest to your location in Amsterdam, or check out the overview we’ve put together for you directly below.

Overview of tennis clubs in Amsterdam with flexible court-renting options

  • 1. All prices are for indoor courts, unless specifically indicated.
  • 2. Winter memberships are for 1 court per week for 1h, in the period from October 1st to April 1st.
  • 3. Summer memberships are for unlimited free playing (limited to availability of courts), in the period from April 1st to October 1st.
  • 4. Peak times generally indicate the period between 5pm and 10pm.
  • 5. Off-peak times generally indicate the period after 10pm or early in the morning during week days.

Frans Otten Stadion

Winter 1h court rental (peak) € 35.00
Winter 1h court rental (off-peak) € 25.00
Winter membership (peak) € 870.00
Winter membership (off-peak) € 550.00
Summer 1h court rental  not possible
Summer membership € 145.00


Summer/Winter 1h court rental (peak) € 29.00
Summer/Winter 1h court rental (off-peak) € 24.00
Winter membership (peak) € 670.00
Winter membership (off-peak) € 465.00
Summer memberhsip (peak) € 285.00
Summer membership (off-peak) € 155.00

Tennispark Buitenveldert

Winter 1h court rental € 30.00
Winter membership (peak) € 875.00
Winter membership (off-peak) € 400.00
Summer 1h court rental (outdoor) € 20.00
Summer membership € 350.00

Tenniscentrum Amsterdam (Kadoelen)

Winter 1h court rental (peak) € 26.00
Winter 1h court rental (off-peak) € 21.00
Winter membership (peak) € 750.00
Winter membership (off-peak) € 535.00
Summer 1h court rental € 17.00
Summer membership € 300.00

Kattenlaan (outdoor)

Winter 1h court rental € 25.00
Winter membership € 245.00
Summer 1h court rental  not possible
Summer membership  not possible

Triaz (outdoor)

Winter/Summer 1h court rental  not possible
Full year membership € 125.00

Expat Tennis Amsterdam Wherever you go, let tennis follow