Tennis Lessons Amsterdam

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Tennis lessons Amsterdam

Our goal at Slim Tennis (‘Slim’ means ‘Smart’ in Dutch) is to make mental tennis training easy and concrete. We do this through workshops, coaching sessions, courses, and reading material. And though we also provide workshops for tennis coaches, tennis lessons are not a core product at Slim Tennis. Nonetheless, we saw an opportunity in stimulating tennis in Amsterdam, so we brought a three parties together, namely:

  • Triaz. A young tennis club in Amsterdam, where one can play all year round. Triaz also has the lowest membership fee in Amsterdam.
  • Stefan Vergeer, Jair Halevi, and Victor Bodiut. Three young enthusiastic tennis trainers. All active category 2/3 players in the Netherlands, and all with mixed cultural backgrounds and a passion for travelling.
  • Expats! Amsterdam has a large community of expats. Expats can now turn to Slim Tennis for flexible tennis lessons or just general information on tennis in the Netherlands. Read also more about our Expat Tennis Amsterdam (ETA) initiative!

Trainer – Victor Bodiut

Victor Bodiut

Originally from Romania, Victor has been a professional tennis player for 14 years. Besides playing, he shares a great passion for teaching. He has worked with people of all ages and skill levels in Romania, Germany and the Middle East. He moved to the Netherlands 3 years ago, finished a Bachelor in Psychology in Groningen and is now following a Research Master in Amsterdam.

Victor’s Offer

Victor offers the first trial lesson for free, after which further possibilities are to be discussed. All ages and levels are more than welcome, in form of private, duo and group lessons. He is mostly available in the evening hours and weekends.

Trainer – Jaïr Halevi

Jaïr Halevi

Jaïr has over 10 years experience as a tennis coach in Amsterdam. He has the Dutch Tennis Association Trainer’s licence. Furthermore he graduated in change management and also uses this knowledge on the tennis court. He is also a high level tennis player himself. In his classes, he likes to use realistic game situations in order to improve everyone’s game.

Jaïr’s Offer

Jaïr is very flexible in the evening hours. He always incorporates the physical aspect in his classes, along side of course the technical and tactical aspects. Group, private and private-duo lessons are possible.

Location – Triaz

Tennis lessons are offered in Amsterdam on the location of Triaz (Van Heenvlietlaan 6 1083CL Amsterdam), see Triaz is a ‘korfbal’ association with also five artificial grass tennis courts. The tennis courts are playable all year round.

Information about Triaz

Triaz membership prices can be found here. You get a discount to the Triaz membership if you sign up through Slim Tennis. Tthe following Triaz membership prices apply:

  • Seniors (> 17jaar) 95 instead of 135
  • Juniors (< 18jaar) 65 instead of 95
  • 50% discount for sign-ups as of November! Triaz season is from 1 June to 31 May.

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